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HALBE's Display frame is perfect for displaying commercial posters in shops, restaurants, cinemas, and hotels. With the Display frame, even large-format posters can be quickly and easily framed or exchanged by one person without needing extra tools.

With the Display frame, the profile of the frame is firmly connected to the Plexiglas so that both can be removed as a single unit. These magnetic frames can be opened and closed easily while remaining fixed to the wall, making it the ideal frame for installing posters or other artworks that need to be exchanged on a regular basis. The integrated Posterfix clamping mechanism makes the exchanging of posters even easier by holding your poster in place while you remove and replace the outer components of the frame.

Display frame options:


Profile: Aluminum 12 or Aluminum 14

Color: All aluminum color options

Glass: Glass III or Glass III scratch-proof

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