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Float Glass: Glass I and II

Glass I: Float glass, glossy, thickness 2.4mm (.09″) Float glass is the first choice for your magnetic frames if there are no special requirements regarding the glass quality.


Glass II: Float glass, non-reflective, thickness 2.4mm (.09″) Not available for frames with spacers.





Plexiglas: Glass III, IIIk, IV

Glass III: Plexiglas Gallery UV 100, glossy with protective film, thickness 3mm (.12"). Gallery plexiglass is particularly shatter-proof and offers excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation. In addition, a magnetic frame with plexiglass is lighter than with float glass.


Glas III k: Plexiglas Gallery UV 100, glossy with protective film, thickness 3mm (.12"). Glass III k has all the characteristics of a UV-Plexiglass, plus a special scratch-resistant coating.


Glass IV: Plexiglas Gallery UV 100, antireflex, non-reflective with protective film, thickness 3mm (.12″). Not available for frames with spacers.

Optiwhite Floatglas: Glass V, VI

Glass V: Optiwhite Float glass, glossy, thickness 2.6mm (.10"). Optiwhite is a so-called clear glass and stands for the optimal, color-neutral rendering of the picture. This glass is finely frosted on one side to reduce reflections while simultaneously providing excellent contour sharpness.


Glass VI: Optiwhite Float glass, non-reflective, thickness 2.6mm (.10″).

Safety Glass

Safety glass: glossy, thickness 4mm (.16″) The safety glass panes are available as single pane safety glass or as laminated safety glass. The first choice when increased breaking and impact resistance are required or when fire protection regulations must be complied with.

Museum Glass (Mirogard)

Mirogard: anti-reflective special glass, thickness 3mm (.12"). Mirogard by Schott is regarded as the best optical-interference anti-reflective specialty glass and is often called the "museum glass".


Mirogard Plus: optical interference anti-reflective special glass, with increased UV protections, thickness 3mm (.12″)

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