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The HALBE Protect magnetic frame is an ideal option for those who need to protect delicate and valuable art against humidity or changing climate conditions. This humidity-stabilizing frame is constructed with an airtight sealed interior and passive buffer technology, ensuring consistent humidity in and around the picture during exhibitions and relocations. The HALBE Protect frame is also equipped with a thermo-hygrometer, which can be synched up to your computer for more convenient control of the internal conditions in your frame. Acid-free and ageing-resistant KLUG corrugated board offers additional safety for your artwork.

Protect frame options:

Profile: Aluminum 18 or Wood 22

Color: Silver Matte, White Matte, Black Matte, or any wood color option

Glass: Glass III Scratchproof, Mirogard Plus, orMirogard Protect (on request).

Conservo frames with spacers available on request.

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